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I've had a truly blessed life. It all started growing up in Lakeville MN, where I attended Lakeville High School (Go Panthers!) before going to Mankato State University (now Minnesota State University at Mankato).

In 2005, I met the woman with whom I'd spend the rest of my life. Suzanne and I were both leaving church, and she held the door for me. She asked about my shaved head, and we started talking. About a week later, we ran into each other at church and went out with a group of friends. We quickly became best friends, and we went on our first date on Sept. 5, and we knew it was love.

Two months later, I proposed to her on a Florida beach. She truly is the love of my life, and I am so blessed to be with her.

We are the proud parents of five wonderful children:
  • Derek is now 27 and graduated from Alabama this May with his Law degree and will be practicing law soon as he plans to take the bar exam late summer.
  • Ryan is now 24 and graduated from Moorhead with a Construction management degree and works for Kiewit as a Project Engineer. He is based out of Minnesota but travels quite a bit.
  • Chelsey is now 23 and has been continuing working on her education through the University of MN, has become a certified Yoga instructor as well as worked through a certified nutritionist program. She is hoping to tie nutrition and exercise in to a psychology degree.
  • Rachel is now 21 and graduated from Cosmetology school and is working for Rocco Altobelli's Woodbury location.
  • Riley is now 18 and will be graduating from Lakeville North. He is enlisted with the National Guard and will begin his training either June or July. He has worked it out so he can start college at the University of MN January 2015.

My hope is that my kids will all be blessed as I have been: Marry their soul mate; find a career that they love and can wake up passionate about every day; and develop a love for their Lord and savior Jesus Christ.

Suzanne and I have found a new passion. We took a course on blended family by Ron Deal - Smart Step families. Since then we have been leading the course at our home church Hosanna! The course is an eye opener for any blended family. Each time we lead it every couple says I wish we would have taken this course and had this information earlier.

I want the company I work for to become successful enough to support Suzanne and I going to other countries to raise funds for churches, schools, hospitals, etc., and helping to design and build these structures. Suzanne has a teaching degree, so while I'm building structures, she'll build these countries leaders of tomorrow.

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