Scott Rajavuori's Volunteer Work

One of my most proud achievements is my involvement with the Life Hurts program at Hosanna! Church in Lakeville MN. I work with at-risk youths, who are dealing with addiction; parents with addictions; abuse victims; those who lost a parent or parents are getting divorced; or self-destructive habits, like cutting and eating disorders.

During tough times in my personal and professional lives, my faith brought me through, and the people at church helped guide me through these very rough patches. Because of what I have seen God do in my life and the lives of others, I strive to keep my relationship with God first and foremost.

Another passion is mentoring men released from prison, and helping them to develop a life free from their old lifestyles. Watching them succeed is always an awesome thing to witness.

  • Scott with another volunteer at the "Feed My Starving Children"
    event through the Life Hurts Youth Program.

  • Volunteers at the "Feed My Starving Children" program created over
    13,000 meals, which will help feed 30 kids for a year.

  • The "Feed My Starving Children" staff took only an hour and a half
    to create the meals.

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